Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bacon Pancakes

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post. However, now I'm finding I'd really, really like to try making these. Just fry up some bacon and put it in some pancakes.

Ok, tangent over.

I think I've hit my first real bout of writer's block since I started writing on the 31st of December. I promised myself I would be doing two things:

1. Writing every day. Even if it was something small, or insignificant (in my eyes) I'd do SOMETHING every day, because it would not only hone my writing talents, but keep them sharp.
2. Write in this blog every day.

I almost didn't do either thing today. I'm still sick, and went in to work today. It was a rough day and a long day, and by the end I was tired, and worn out, and came home and just wanted to sleep.

My son had other plans, and basically forced me to read to him after I passed out in bed for about an hour.

I don't feel energized, but I'm awake, and writing in the blog first (instead of writing first) is kinda getting the cogs moving. But I still am afraid of the dreaded block. I've never really done anything to 'combat' it as it were, and simply waited until it fully passed on by.

Only problem with that tactic is it would last for months sometimes. Oh well. Not gonna happen this time. Not gonna let it.

I wonder if this blog will be a good thing, or an annoyance in a few months?

Oh, I've also given myself a hard deadline for certain things, such as a comic and the RPG thing I'm working on. I want to be ready for Free Comic Book Day this year, so I'm figuring around mid march I need to have things ready for print (At LEAST a comic). Wish me luck.

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