Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is in a name?

This is always the hardest part for me, honestly:

Naming a project. I actually think I've officially named maybe three of the projects I've created over the years. The rest have these terrible (in my opinion) WIP names that I never seem to bother to update.

Right now the main project (the one I'm going to complete this year) is going by 'Sun's Death'...even for a WIP that is terrible. Maybe someone can suggest a better name/idea for a name.

The main premise is there are seven behemoth-type creatures of incredible god-like powers that have been sealed away within the world. One is released and the rest are freed somewhat (they are still in their prisons, but are either awakened, or are able to communicate more freely). The one that was freed is possessed by a now mad king, who seeks to destroy the world to remake it in his own image, etc.

The main kicker (besides the behemoths) was that the sun in the world had gone out due to 'magical reasons', and the reason the world simply didn't become an ice ball was MAGIC! It's the best catch all there is, kids. Only it soon became something more intriguing like the world had stopped spinning.

I have two options here, right now. One of the behemoths is at the core of the world. I could have him using his powers to keep the world from freezing to the core, and actually having some semblance of life continue, or I could have him exert himself keeping the world from breaking apart since it's no longer spinning naturally. Personally, I want to find a way for the sun to go out, but the world NOT become an ice ball, because it's a fantasy idea I've been toying around with for a while. You could place the blame on the DC story arc The Final Night for this, honestly. It was a very interesting concept, and once I wish I could have read as it came out. I merely noticed comics of it long after the fact, and never had any urge to read them. I was still in my 'Marvel' stage, and chose to read only Marvel comics (despite making small allowances for any of the Bat-books leading up to Knighfall...but this is another story).

Anyway, I'm wondering not only what to name the project but what sort of world it will end up being. I like the idea of the underground being a new haven, but if the creature in the middle is keeping things toasty, would it move to the surface enough to prevent -100 or higher temps? Or would we see the world on the whole experience sub freezing to around -20? I realize I could make whatever I want happen and explain it away easily enough (MAGIC!) but I still want a moderate amount of believability. If people are going to be creating their own stories in a world I've created, I want it to be a world that is believeable. One that makes a good canvas for their ideas and adventures.

So this is the quandary I face currently. Hm. Stop the world from spinning, or block it from the sun. And on that note, I could simply block it from the sun's light and not the sun's heat. And that way we'd still get moonlight....I think I may have answered my own question.

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