Wednesday, January 2, 2013

World History

So last night I got some more work done on the RPG. I'm actually a little suprised in myself for two main reasons:

I'm actually getting work done
I'm actually getting work done

It's not like this is the first time it has ever happened, believe me, but after so long with nothing really to show for it, it's a refreshing change for myself. Something that I'm actually proud of instead of just my usual 'It's garbage, I'm done' and then months of inactivity.

Anyhoodle, (who SAYS that?) I've started to do a lot of rewriting as I've been writing trying to find a proper tone and balance between fluff and the real meat of the book. The thing is, if I went with just rules and places and not much else not only would it be a very SHORT book, but a very boring and dry one. But if there's too much fluff it just seems full of crap and just there to make it longer.

I wrote a brief history of the world, but I need to clean it up. My perspective of writing changes half-way through as I realize how I should be writing it, and the tone needs to be cleaned up as well. HOPEFULLY I can get this down, because for some reason I can't really focus on the other things until I get the world down.

In any case, tings are actually progressing at a decent rate. I'm pleased.

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