Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bikini Rangers!

Ok, so the second story (can't seem to recall if I'd mentioned it yet) I wrote for the upcoming anthology (not this issue, but one certainly in the future) was one called Bikini Rangers. I've been tweaking and adjusting the script quite a bit, and I think I've hit a good mix of story-telling and action, along with a bit of eye candy.


Anyway, Tony Esteves, of Cigarro & Cerveja (Go read it! It ended last year, but is an awesome comic) fame has expressed interest in the bikini story, and I'm really excited because the sketches he's come up with for it so far are pretty much ideal. So, since I know you all can't stand to listen to me pratle on, here are some sketches of the three main women of the comic!

Nina (Nino was the original name in the first draft until I realized I was using a MALE version of the name)



While Veronica looks a bit awkward (Tony is already working on something to make her look better), I have complete faith he will really make her look as good as the other two. I'm more than just impressed; I'm excited. I've got two guys with amazing talent working on stories I've written, and I have several more bubbling in the works, ready for the same treatment. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this writing business.

It's good to be me.

EDIT:Oh, huh...realized maybe you want to know a bit about the STORY. Silly me!

Basically, these three women are vigilantes going around doing good deeds. However, they usually end up beating the crap out of some other people, and generally no one asks them to do it. With me so far? Also, they seem to have stepped right out of the 60's with almost impenetrable slang. Not to mention one speaks solely in Spanish (And no, not gonna give the readers a translation! Part of the fun!)

I'm debating, like Sir Redgrave-Blake, on doing more with this or simply ending it as a one-off. I had a lot of fun with it, and we'll see how interested Tony is after working on this 6-pager.