Sunday, April 26, 2009


Even though this is mainly a blog to showcase whatever I'm working on creatively, this is also a place for me to talk about personal crap to. Ha!

I'm cleaning today....and I hate cleaning. But I'm also getting rid of a lot of crap we'll never need again and trying to reorganize what we DO have. And since Wendy isn't home, she can't stop me! HAHAHAHA! Etc.

Once I'm done with that, I'm working on my new ideas for stuff. I've been meaning to this whole weekend, but I've really been catching up on my stuff on the PVR and's been a while since I was last able to do that.

At any rate, I plan on being productive today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There's a Joke in here Somewhere...

Ok, so I've got a new idea floating around in my brain, and I actually think I might be on to something with it.

A Werewolf, a Robot, and Dracula's Head Walk into a Bar...

No, really. That's my idea :P

See, for some reason, the concept hit me this morning while I was getting ready for work, and I'm starting to run with it. I don't wanna say too much before I have some concrete ideas done, but I really think I'm on to something here.

Well, far more than I ever had with Old People Vs Nazis...

Monday, April 20, 2009


Bet ya thought I wasn't going to post in here again for a few months, didn't you? I'm sort of laying low key a bit, mostly because I'm spending my free time messing around with my DS :P...not the new one, my old one. I forgot how much fun a lot of the games are, and I usually take a break every so often to kinda let thoughts and ideas simmer a bit.

So yeah, I'm still here! AHAHAHAAH!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What am I afraid of?

I honestly don't know. I look at the bit for the novel I wrote, and I know it needs some major re-writing...only I'm not even sure I -want- to write a novel to be perfectly honest.

It seems a good idea: Take an idea, embellish it, elongate it, add in some extra spice, and then sell to the general public. Only....I dunno if I can really write like that. It's not a matter of focus or length; my comics and game ideas are heavily detailed and a few are quite 'epic' in length.

So what is it? What is the mental block I have with writing novels? I think it's the overall scope, but it could also be that they are daunting...with comics and such, you have self contained bits of the story, and can even move forward (not so much in games, but you interject actual gameplay for story elements) in time and skip a few mundane things. Sure you can do it in novels, but those are often referred to as 'plot holes' :P

I dunno, I'm weird. I write in a disjointed fashion, because I'm used to it. Writing a novel means I have to write consistently, and keep track of what I've got already all the time. It's nerve-wracking, but it's kinda fun. I just dunno if it's really for me. I enjoy the other things: web comics, comic books, video games...those are my real passion.

Honestly, writing a novel seems like a cop out...I think that's my real problem with it. It feels like I'm trying to conform my ideas into something that can be sold and made money from.

I dunno how I feel about it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, Free Comic Book day is fast approaching, and some of the local talent here decided to try and get a freebie of our own, showcasing our talents and getting ourselves 'out there' as it were.

Brian finished the sequentials just this afternoon, and after I spent an hour cleaning them up (Note to self: next time he sends me pages with the blue text from the comic boards on them, I shall slap him like a red headed step-child) they're looking pretty choice.

I don't want to post them all at once, but I think you'll enjoy the teaser above. Once May 2nd rolls around, I'll post the rest for your enjoyment. I'm rather proud of this for several reasons; first of which is I'm actually getting published. Second of which is the fact that I'm actually improving myself as a writer, and this was an excellent way of doing that.

I'm on a roll

Seems I'm on a roll tonight. I went through my old idea for my web comic and cleaned a few things up. I've got someone I'm talking to about doing art for this, but we'll see how that pans out (I'm hopeful it'll turn out well!)

I also have the first major storylines, but I figure I need to have a few tricks up my sleeve, don't I?

Anyway, the webcomic's name has a good deal of meaning (It's been the name of my web comic since 2003) but right now it's a working title unless I can think of something better. PCIS stands for Pop Culture Isn't Safe and the webcomic centers on a guy taking a failed business and hopefully turning it around into something worthwhile. It will more than likely be finite, and it will have pepperings of growth and seriousness, but 95% of it will be pure comedy (and hopefully enough to make people laugh).

The central character is Garret, who has inherited his Uncle's comic book shop after his death. The only thing is it was closed down for about 15 years before his death. Now, he outright owns the building, as well as the land, but it's still in a bit of disarray, and he'll need employees to help him get things back into shape, and to help turn the shop back into something like it was in its heyday. Now, of course, his Great Uncle was (before his death) in talks with the owner of a mega-conglomerate to sell the land to them so they can begin building yet ANOTHER HAL*Mart. But his death, and the bequeathment of the shop to his favorite Nephew (whom, oddly enough, he never really knew) has thrown a wrench into those plans. He hired several wacky characters, and their interactions with each other and the patrons of the shop will be the meat of it all.

As the story goes on, the shop and the main character both go through a changing of sorts...out with the old, in with the new, and he learns to kind of stand on his own two feet and face his life as he sees fit. A bit cheesy, but it's also more therapeutic for the writer as I'm going through the same sort of thing with my craft. Once it's ready for it to come to a close, I have an idea for the final set of strips, which will be bitter sweet (if it's decided to fully end it).

The overall look of the comic will be generally black and white.

The twist to this comic is that after the job is over for the day, they all play the most popular MMO: WarWorld Fury (Which is, you guessed it, a play on WoW and other MMOs). Then, their interactions within the game world go even deeper into the comedic side of things, as they all interact much like they do normally, only with the twist of the game world added as well.

Main Characters

- Main Character of the strip, and the one who inherits the comic shop from his deceased uncle. He is an easy going sort of character, who will probably be seen as a personification of myself (which wouldn't be too far off, although he doesn't look too much like myself). He gets easily overwhelmed with the day to day things, especially if he feels he's simply over his head. However, he tries to remain cool if only for the sake of those around him. As the story progresses we see him evolve from an over excitable type of person, into something a bit more stable, and grounded. But still rather wacky at times.

Look: He dresses sort of rocker punk, but seems rather clean shaven and such for the role (No tats or piercings). Combat boots/dark boots (Pants always over the boots, never the other way around), tattered/worn jeans or cargo pants, denim/leather jackets, etc. Whenever he doesn't have a jacket, it's a simple t-shirt (Sometimes with writing on it). He has no facial hair, but has some wicked cool chops. Dark, messy hair. Should look as if he's in his mid-twenties to early thirties. Tall

Prof - The former store manager of the comic shop, and he meets up with the main character at the funeral and reading of the will. Was apparently good friends with his Uncle, and ends up running the business side of things. He's happy enough to do it, as the main character knows nothing of the day to day business, and would prefer to simply leave it all to his Uncle's friend. Sort of a mentor figure, guiding the main character into the best way of running the shop best. Very laid back, and seems as if he's been tokin' up a bit before each shift with how laid back he acts at times, but he keeps the books in the black and the shop running well. Average height.

Look: Old, in his 50s-60s. Full, sort of trimmed beard that is light (gray) along with his hair. He wears golf shirts and khaki pants all the time. Dress shoes as well. His hair is neat and well grommed, opposed to his beard which looks a little skraggly. Wears thick glasses (Hence his nickname). He is also a bit heavy set. Average height.

Steve - The first employee hired by the main character. He's a high school student, who's full of attitude (thinks he's always right), geek knowledge, and inexperience in the world. Everyone was a Steve at 17, at one time or another. Treats most customers well, unless they're being asshats. In which case he dishes out the insults a mile a minute. Thinks he knows all there is to know about things geek, but is routinely overshadowed by the others working there in their knowledge.

Look: Short light hair, facial hair that's more like peach fuzz, and t-shirt and jeans sort of guy. No acne (Unless it's very sparce...I don't want to overdo the whole 'teen thing'). He looks young, but not too young. His body seems awkward, much like any other teenage boy of that age. Tennis shoes would be the preferred shoe of choice, and he rarely wears anything over his t-shirt (such as a jacket, etc) Most of the time has his backpack on his back, even when working the counter. Average height

Talia - She's the third employee hired by the store, and enters the comic after it sort of establishes itself a bit. She's witty, charming, and funny. But she's also a bit self conscious. She's an artist, but she rarely talks about it at work (Odd, as she's at a comic store). Always has a comment for any given situation, and tends to take most topics right to the gutter without even realizing it some times. Overall, she's the fun one to be around, and helps liven things up for everyone involved.

Look: Darker skin tone, dark, long hair initially (Of course, she can change that at anytime and routinely does). Dresses to impress, whether it's a bit sexier, or more professional. Not opposed to wearing light dresses, or even skirts. Should look around the same age as Garret, if not a little older. Curvy, but not overtly so, or 'bulky' either. Shorter in height.

Carter - She's the second employee hired by Garret, and ends up being the most pivotal. She is the foundation and rock as it were for Garrets tumultuous ride from being a flake to being established and able to stand on his own two feet. May even be some romantic inklings between these two, but if there ever is it's no more than slightly and subtly alluded towards, and never given any in-depth time within the comic (OR IS IT?!?). She's more realistic than anyone else in the comic, but can hold her own among the crazy bunch. She is, however, more easily annoyed.

Look: Shorter hair (Chin-shoulder length) that can change in appearance, but generally keeps the same length. Lighter Hair color (sometimes alluded towards being red/auburn). She looks a bit more plain than compared to Talia, and is more of a tomboy, wearing ballcaps, and t-shirt/tank tops and jeans/shorts/etc. She has a killer body, but doesn't show it off all that much, so we gets hints at it here and there depending on the situations and whatever clothing she happens to be wearing at the moment. She is as tall as Garret. Wears fashionable glasses.

WarWorld Personas

Ok, since I'm not 100% sure how much of a parody is protected when you try and SELL that parody, I've decided to make up similar MMO type thing to WoW, and make it JUST that much different to where we can't get sued, and people will STILL know what we're making fun of :P

The interesting thing about this webcomic is the fact it's basically two comics in one. There's the comic store and the interactions there between the staff and customers, etc. Then, there's the 'after hours' sort of comic that deals with the staff as they play the video game and interact with each other there. Of course, both will overlap heavily.

Warworld is set up almost entirely like WoW, except there are no 'Factions' as it were. Everyone is on the same side, and interacts as such. There are Halflings (Half-Halflings are called Hulings). Dwarves (Half Dwarves are called Huarves), Orcs (And Half-Orcs called Hurcs), Elves (Half Elf/Half Humans called Hulvens), Minotars (Half are called Humotars), Humans (Halfs are called Hahumans), Trolls (Halfs are called Hulls), Snake Men (Called Set...Halfs are called Haset), Undying (Halfs are called Torsos) and of course, Cabraespacio (bastardized/combined Spanish for Space Goat...Halfs are called Humacabras). Yes, the halfs are all jokes...and more of a play on DnD than anything else. Yes, I'm a huge geek.

Garret - He has chosen (After much trial and error) to play as human Beast Tracker (The Hunters). His avatar looks only a little like him, but has the trucker beard (No chin hair, but moustache connecting to lower beard parts, and running to the chops...know what I mean?) Dresses all in leathers which look patched up crudely (This is his first character after all). He starts off (of course) with no pet. Ironically, he has a huge scar over one eye, which is also covered with an eye patch, but that's his aiming eye. Gotta love MMOs. Average Height/Build

Prof - Prof plays a Minotaur Vindicator (The Warriors). (I thought about having him be a dwarf, but i think having it a little more varried is good). It is big, darkly colored, and has One big strong looking horn, and another than looks like it was broken off half way. He wears full body armor, which gives him an intimidating presence. His preferred weapon, no matter what else is out there, is simply the lower half of a tree. Roots and all. Even the GMs aren't entirely sure how he managed to equip one. Big n Tall build and height.

Steve - Steve plays a Set Assassain (The rogue). Their lower halves are tails, and their upper halves are THAT OF A MAN! With the FACE OF A SNAKE! (He also makes all his 's' sounds like 'sssss' which annoys everyone else to no end. Has no body armor, save a belt and a vest, and weild two daggers. (Don't worry about making the scales detailed or anything, just the look of a slick snake is fine). His snake also wears steam-punk style goggles for some incredibly odd reason.

Talia - She plays a Halfling Demon Binder (Warlocks). She's busty, but still looks like she'd attract more pedos than anything else (And inside joke about the gnomes in WoW). Dresses like some unholy cross between Evil Lynn and some chick sorceress from a Conan comic.

Carter - She plays a Troll Healer. Her in-game character is quite buxom and sexified, as a contrast to her normal self, and it's not intentional. Most of the time she complains about how she's forced to wear skimpier and skimpier clothing as she becomes more and more powerful. Simple, light colored robes will be her starting stuffs. As a troll, she'll have medium colored skin, and a crazy trollish haircut, and tusks!

Oh Em Gee, more writings.

So I've gotten the intro to my book done. It's rough, and I think the pacing is a little off, but for a start I don't think it's bad, really. I've never really sat down to write a novel before, and all the short stories I've attempted were never more than a few pages long. This is only about 2 pages single spaced, but it sort of sets up the story a bit and introduces two of the main characters enough to grab people and make them invest themselves in what happens next.

At least I think it does.

Anyway, let me know what you think

"You really want to know? The moment I'll be the happiest is when whatever powers that pull the strings of this reality reach into my chest and wrap their fingers around my heart and stop the beating."

Dr. Richard Forth looked up from his notes at Daniel King and merely let his eyes fall upon the man. He'd been his psychiatrist for several months now, but felt any progress achieved was either hollow or short-lived; pyrrhic victories. This discourse just happened to re-enforce his feelings on the subject.

Still, he avoided giving any physical indications of his disappointment. "And why do you feel this way, Daniel? What would death bring that living does not?"

Daniel sat up; the first time since the session had started, and stretched his arms wide. Letting them fall slowly to his sides he turned his head ever so slightly to look the doctor right in the eye.

"It wouldn't bring anything, really." He gave a self-assured smirk and collapsed back onto the couch he was initially reclining against. An old green and mauve sofa in a terrile pattern. Certain areas looked threadbare, and others were stained with some undistinguishable substance. At one time, he was sure, the couch was quite fashionable. Now it seemingly mirrored Daniel's existence. He had recommended Daniel discard of it for something more modern, but the man insisted he'd 'finally broken it in.'

"Then why say it would bring you happiness, hm?" He was pushing Daniel now, and knew it. Sometimes the only way to make progress with him was to push, and push hard. He was tired though, and doubt he could carry on the pointless back and forth for long. He glanced down at his watch to note how much time was left, and cringed slightly as he looked back at Daniel and saw he'd been caught.

"Why not? Nothing else seems to work." Daniel gave a slight look of disgust towards the doctor, and closed his eyes. "Look, we both know this is going nowhere. I'll pay for the full hour, so go ahead and leave if you want. Even I can tell this is annoying."

For a moment, Forth did nothing, but he slowly gathered his items, jotted down a final few lines in his notebook, and closed it slowly. Once all his effects were in his briefcase, he closed it and looked to Daniel, who was still laying on the dilapidated couch as if he were made specifically for it.

"Daniel, look," he gave a slight pause. "There's something I want you to try."

Daniel opened his eyes and turned his head, so at least he knew he'd gotten the man's attention.

"Our sessions aren't working, so I want to try something a little different. Something that will get you out of the house, for once."

Daniel audible scoffed at this, let out a dry laugh, and turned over in the couch so his back was to the doctor. "You can show yourself out, Doc. You know as well as I do that I can't leave this damn house. What'd you call it- Agoraphobia? So you know I can't leave or I'd have a breakdown."

Forth could feel the cocky attitude behind each and every word, and now it was his turn to audibly scoff at the notion.

"You know as well as I do that your phobia is purely self-inflicted. You've merely lived the lie for so long you're starting to believe it. Look around you, Daniel: this home is your self-imposed prison, and you're serving a sentence for crimes that were never your fault, or that you should ever be held accountable for. Your mother-"

Daniel sat upright with a speed the doctor hadn't seen in weeks. Where was once a listless and careless man, now stood a seething pot of emotion and torment. "Get the fuck out, Forth. Our session is over."

He made a mental note to himself to add this to his write-up once he left, but at the moment merely nodded to Daniel. "If we're to make progress, then this needs to be a two-way street, Daniel. If you are ready to take the next step," He reached into his breast pocket and produced a small envelope. "Then you'll leave the house and come with me. The boat leaves in two weeks."


Forth smiled, and merely placed the envelope on the coffee table separating the two men. He slid it towards Daniel, and walked to the front door, grabbing his coat on the way.

"I know you'll make the right decision, Daniel." What he was doing, and how he was acting- it was unprofessional. Forth knew it, but he also knew Daniel was a special case. If he didn't push, he wouldn't be able to get past the walls and barriers that he'd put up over the years, and he'd never make any serious headway with the man. He gave him a nod and opened the front door. Daniel spoke.

"And if I don't make the right choice?"

"Well, then I just wasted six hundred and fifty dollars, plus tax." He gave a smirk and walked out the door, shutting it behind himself without giving Daniel a chance to reply. He was halfway to his car when the front door burst open and Daniel ran out to catch up with him.

"A cruise? To Alaska?! Are you crazy, doc?"

"No, but I think you could use the change of scenery, don't you?"

Daniel said nothing, but stood there, clutching his itinerary in one hand and the torn envelope in the other. Forth could sense the trepidation in Daniel's mind as he actually considered going on the trip.

"When we started, you wouldn't even go out your front door. Now look at you: you didn't even hesitate to follow me. I still believe you're keeping yourself here with this phobia, Daniel. The cruise is a way to break down at least one of the walls you've erected, and let yourself actually start to heal. This house is poison, and yet you stay. Why?"

Daniel was going to retort, but the doctor held up his hand, pointing to his watch. "Now our session is over. I'll see you in two weeks, Daniel." He smiled at the other man and continued to his car.

"Dr. Forth, you can't expect me to go on this trip, can you?!" His voice sounded slightly panicked, but it didn't concern Forth too much at the moment. He had a feeling that Daniel would get over it just in time. If anything, his ultimate choice would give him some more insight into Daniel than their sessions ever could. His only response was to turn and simle again, and give a short wave good-bye as he got into his car.

As he pulled away from the house, he glanced into his rear view mirror at Daniel, who was growing smaller by the second. Just as he turned a bend and he disappeared from sight, he thought for a moment he saw a look of peace on the man's face, followed by a flash of something that sent a shiver down to his very core. He shook it off and continued his drive home.

In two weeks, he'd know just how deep Daniel's psychosis was, and just how to begin to heal it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Justice League...How you tempt me

Instead of writing, I've been watching old episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. More specifically the episode where Solomon Grundy died fighting the Cthulu knock off. Then I watched a few clips of Superman kicking the crap out of Darkseid and Batman avoiding the Omega Beams (Stupid Final Crisis writers).

At any rate, things like this actually do more than simply distract me from what I -should- be doing (namely writing); they get my brain working overtime. See, I grew up with these cartoons, even if it was mostly in my teens. They hold a special place for me because they are what I aspire to. I see something with superheroes like this, and it makes me wonder if I can reach the same level of recognition with something I've created.

Of course my low self-worth keeps me from dreaming much like this, but keeps me going I suppose.

I've been working on the idea for the novel today, letting it run around in my head. The basic premise is pretty much like this:

Since it was originally slated to be developed as a video game (I may still go that route after I write the novel) I may keep some elements in there the same, such as extra characters, and the same sort of feel in the writing that I would've had if things were a bit more ...interactive? I dunno. Bah, I'm starting to ramble.

It follows the story of a guy named Daniel (my working name for any main male characters) on a cruise ship going up the western coast towards Alaska. Originally, my thought was to have it be sort of a 'vacation' for mental patients of varrying degress of their ailments with theor doctors as a means of therapy. Daniel was afflicted with a bit of agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house) because of certain things that happened in his life leading up to that point.

On the night of the 2nd day at sea, things start to hit the fan, and that's when all the 'horror' begins. My origianl idea had it play like Haunting Ground and the Clock Tower Series: Hide > Fight. If you fought, chances were you died. I wanted to focus on escape and avoidance, and mix in a lot of adventure elements. How to portray that in a book?

Also, there were 4 'boss' characters I wanted to add to the game, and each one would be linked to a part of Daniel's past, and defeating them in the conventional manner was generally out of the question; it would be all about Daniel and his hangups. The only problem is I never thought WHY is this happening to him.

I've been sitting here for about 3 hours now, and I still have no idea. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Still Life

I haven't really told many people about this gem of a game, but it's right up there with The Longest Journey for me in terms of memorable gaming experiences.

It's called Still Life, and it ends on something of a cliff hanger. The company that developed it was absorbed by another company, and generally that means there won't ever be another (Fallout 3 is the happy exception to the rule....the Dungeon Keeper series however is not). Well, it seems the game is getting a sequel. It was announced months ago, I just have been living under a rock it seems.

It comes out April 15th, and I am going to pick it up. Then I'm going to disappear to the rest of the world until it's's that good. If the sequel is anything as good as the first, it's a worthwhile buy.

Damn...I needed motivation, not a distraction.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Of Writings and....stuff.

Welllllll....I am actually posting in a somewhat timely fashion. Imagine that!

I've got several projects I'm kind of working on. And by working on I mean have started within the last 5 years and haven't touched since their inception...seems to be a theme for me.

Just a sec, gonna take a shower.


Much better. (I know it seems instantaneous, but I just took 20 min. to bathe. I like long showers :P)

Now, as I was saying...I've got several projects I'm going to try and focus on more and more. Needless to say, I'm going to TRY and complete some of these (damn, I went and said it), so here's hoping I can motivate myself.

Tabletop RPG - Basically, I've got two ideas. One stems from a super hero world, and the other is where it's basically a zombie game, but far more tongue in cheek.

Novel - I was originally going to do this one as a video game, but lack of interest from those I discussed things with, and also a lack of knowledge from myself in getting it there (even as an amatuer endeavor) led me to think it would be a great idea as a novel: Cold Mentality. Basically follows one guy as he takes a cruise along the western coast up towards Alaska (They have Alaskan crusies...did you know that??) and the madness that ensues. Very dark, very grim...hopefully I can pull it off. I've always had a soft sport for horror, and now I'm going to try my hand at it.

Comics - Too many to even go into, sadly...and most will never see the light of day. I do, however, have a short that will be part of a local anthology for free comic book day, and I'm looking forward to seeing myself in print for the first time EVER. Even though it's an amatuer thing, I'm still incredibly proud of it and myself. Other than that, there IS one idea I've got for either a comic or maybe a novel about zombies, but I'm not 100% sure which medium I want to use for that.

I will say, however, I got an interesting idea about the symbiotic nature of three 'parastic' creatures of legend. Vampires, Werewolves, and eating plants. Don't ask; it all came from a rather odd dream. But I like to think that I have something here, providing I can polish it.

Also, there was an idea for a 'multiple universe' thing I haven't even touched aside from the idea for it, where it's all the same person, just from different realities...and they're all hunting another one of them, who happens to be a serial killer who only guessed it: himself. Sounds convoluted, but interesting.

Web Comics - I worked with Brian (Mordok) for a number of months on an old, and now entirely defunct webcomic (that used to be on this very site) called Pop Culture Isn't Safe. Since then, I've changed artists and ideas, but ultimately it's always sort of flopped for one reason or another. I've got a NEW idea that I've had brewing since last year, and I'm hoping that with a new artist in tow, I can get it off the ground.

Especially since this is going to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. I gave a lot of thought to this, and if I want to tell a story, and interject humor, that's all well and fine. But an indefinate web comic, it is just not the place for it (CAD has taught us this...and I refuse to link to it because I can't stand Tim Buckley :P). But on the flip side, Something Positive has taught us it can work very well.

I'm just not sure if I'm up to that task, you know? All in good time, I suppose. Anyway, it's still centering around a comic book shop, but the characters have undergone a MASSIVE change, and no longer 'represent' people I know 1:1. Now they're more amalgamations of several people I know, and ideas I've had, so I hope I can pull it all together. I've got a skeletal outline of the major plot points for several months, just need to bring it all into a cohesive project that is easy to understand so the artist can make sense of it.

Or something.

I'd go into detail on these things, but I need to keep you people wanting more! Also, it makes it far more interesting when I release little tidbits of whatever I'm writing, and if I were to just lay it all out on the table NOW, it certainly wouldn't be as enjoyable later. That and I'm a cocktease.

Anyway, that's it for now. Stay frosty.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wonder if this will work...

I've been having trouble publishing my blogs lately...I see them in my blogger control panel, but for some reason they aren't being uploaded via FTP.

Ugh...I hate crap like this.

EDIT: Well, I'm a complete idiot. Instead of setting the directory as www/ for the uploads, I set it as simply /

So what did it do? Upload to the ROOT of my website, instead of the public part :P...lord. Well, at least I figured the damn thing out.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving day

Well, I'm 'officially' back into this whole blogging thing...we'll see how long I keep up with it this time. I moved one post from LJ over here because I think it's important to keep track of, and I may develop something from it one day.

Anyway, this is the new blog, same old's hoping I'll actually update this thing with my intent: stuff about my writings.