Friday, January 4, 2013

Down with the Sickness

Have I complained yet about how much I hate being sick? If not, well here ya go:


Ugh. Seriously. I've got what I NOW think is the flu, which I've had for over a week now with no real signs of improving. Still, I'm keeping with my promises to myself and writing a good deal each day and keeping up with the blog a day thing I wanted to do.

So far, so good. If this doesn't stop me, I can't imagine what might.

In any case, I've gotten a lot done today. Around four pages of raw history material for the world and hoping to get a few more pages done tonight so I can round off this whole 'history' section and focus more on the races, and then the gods of the world. I think the god section will be my favorite since they've become what I really enjoy about all this now. Originally I liked the idea of the sun going out, but have been slowly changing bits of the story to accomidate them more. I've always been a huge fan of the Greek Parthenon, and writing something like this, and origin of a world, is making me feel I can do just about anything I want, and have it be somewhat similar to this.

Still, it may just be the cold meds (or lack of them) talking and I'm not making much sense.

Now I am gonna go collapse into bed.


  1. Mmm...Greek Parthenon...good stuff. Loved it all my life. You just reminded me of a project I worked on back in school that involved the war between the Titans and the gods...except that each side was trying to take over Mt. Olympus Inc XD Hell if I remember what the company did/made/oversaw. But yeah Zeus was trying to take over as CEO by getting Cronus to resign XD

    I should try and dig that project up...I was pretty proud of it.

    But yeah. Booooo for being sick and yaaayyyy for writing!

  2. They made stuff like the ACME corporation. At least that's what I'd assume Greek gods would be into.